AS-company is shipping all over the world.

Bulletmold is a hand-tool, this is safe for shipment in any country.

We send the bulletmolds by «Russian post».

Average delivery time is 4 weeks.

The shipping for one mold is $29 for 2-3 molds is $42


We use Paypal for payment, but also you can pay by Western Union.

All prices and payment in USD.

After accepting your order and payment, we will ship your item within 3-10 working days.


We do not sale wads and bullets. Only a hand-tool — bulletmold.


This happens quite rarely. But if you have a problem with your bulletmold, we accept claims within 3 months after purchase.

How to order?

We use Paypal for payment.

Fill out the contact form below. List the item, model, caliber, number of cores, quantity you need. After your application we will send you an invoice.

If you have «Lee» handles, you can save 5$. We will make your bulletmold without our handles, for «Lee» handles.

The shipping for one bulletmold — $30, for two or three — $45 to any country.