The bulletmold Lyman 12 gauge

The bullet Lyman is universal. This is suitable for hunting and training shooting. Due to the flat front of the bullet has a high slaughter and reduced probability of ricochet. When hunting large and dangerous animals, you should shoot on location and do not exceed the weapons range of 60-70 meters. When training shooting can achieve high-performance accuracy at long range.

Lyman .680

Two variants of a bullet: ~30 and ~33 grams.

Head diameter — 17.3 mm.

Price — $70 (one core), $80 — (two cores).

Lyman .729 (caliber)

Two variants of a bullet: ~40 and ~44 grams.

Head diameter — 18,5 mm.

Price — $70 (one core), $80 — (two cores).


The bullet is designed for practice shooting. Has low returns, saves lead.

Weight of a bullet ~ 26 gr.

Head diameter — 17.3 mm.

Price — $70

How to order?

We use Paypal for payment.

Update: Since Russia is disconnected from the swift system, payments are accepted on a Turkish bank card or through the Western Union system in Turkey. After payment, we will make your bulletmold, send you a photo and send you the tracking number of the parcel. The loss of a parcel is a very rare case. In case of loss of the parcel, you should find it yourself. Due to the transfer fees and the unstable exchange rate, we do not return the money, we do our job, and then the parcel is transferred to the Russian post. This is a temporary measure while Russia is disconnected from the swift system and Paypal.

Fill out the contact form below. List the item, model, caliber, number of cores, quantity you need. After your application we will send you an invoice.

Delivery for one bulletmold — $40, for two or three bulletmolds — $55

If you have «Lee» handles, you can save 5$. We will make your bulletmold without our handles, for «Lee» handles.